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        Print chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2022-05-19

        Although COVID-19 has disrupted many long-distance travels, people can still enjoy beautiful rural landscapes and pastoral experiences nearby them. Here's a list of some recommended rural tourism destinations in Sanya.

        1. Maling community

        Maling community, also known as Tianya town, is about 22 kilometers away from downtown Sanya, with Sanya Bay in the east, the sea in the south, and West Island across the sea. It covers a total area of about 4 square kilometers.

        The scenery of Tianya town. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

        Tianya town is full of blue and white buildings, which are integrated with the blue sky, white clouds, and blue sea, making it known as "the Santorini of China."

        2. Wenmen Village

        Home to the historical site Tianya Post Road, Wenmen village is a Li village with a history of more than 1,400 years. Wenmen village was also selected to be part of the second batch of national key villages for rural tourism.

        Wenmen village's landscape. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

        The village's natural beauty and the hospitable nature of the villagers have attracted many tourists. During the planting season, the terraced fields are also very beautiful.

        3. Baolong village

        Baolong village is built beside a mountain and facing water. It is close to Sanya Baolong National Forest Park, which is a popular place for rest and recuperation.

        Baolong National Forest Park has a total area of 2,884.3 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of 91.44 percent. The highest point is 1,091 meters above sea level, which is the highest point in Sanya. It is also the only tropical natural rainforest reserve in Sanya.

        Baolong National Forest Park. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

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